Biggest Sokol physical training in Prague


Sokol, one of the oldest (150 years) body and mind training organization in the world is prepairing themselves for 14th Vsesokolský slet (All sokol-meeting or literally Falcon fly-together), which is prepared each six years as a presentation of member efforts. Sokol continues on Ancient Greek tradition of kalokagatia – perfectness of human mind and body with most known motto: In health body, health spirit. So is Sokol free...  

Charles IV Exhibition Sold Out


It’s been a long time without a post. We feel bad. The spring has arrived and I guess we’ve been too excited to sit at the computer too much these days. The latest news that has caught our attention is kind of a shocker. The Charles IV - Emperor by the Grace of God exhibition is [...]  

Floodsurfing in the Czech Republic


Overdid it with the suds and buds at Tulip last night, so can’t really bring myself to write about how much it blows that U Zpevacku has shut its doors for good. So, here are some photos of a bonafide idiot.  

Through Prague with new Porsche for less than 1 Euro


If you expected that the price to rent a luxury car like Porsche came down, I have to disappoint you, the point is elsewhere. From today Prague transport service company (Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy) start full operation of new Porsche tram in Prague on the line No.3 which connect Modřany and Hloubětín. So, if you want to experience the ride in Porsche trams, you will

From pudd


Sup guys. Thought it was about time i once again added an entry so rich with detail and full of passion that i wisk you away from where ever it is you are reading this to look at the world through the eyes of puddy. cricket cherping in backgroundAnyway just wanted to say g'day to all back home and hope that...  

News: Flood fallout - Politicians trade blame over emergency response, exploit it for election advantage


The floods of 2006 seem to be an opportunity for politicians to point fingers and lay blame at one another two months before the country\'s June general election, and could be a boon to the faltering Social Democrats (tSSD).  

News: Flood weary - Capital city's flood plan put into action; other regions hit hardest since 2002


The country continues to be on flood alert after rivers, swollen from rain and melting snow, washed into towns and villages nationwide, forcing thousands of people out of their homes.  

Business: Movers and Shakers - Hajek joins PWC


Petr Hajek has joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in the tax and advisory services department. He will be responsible for the service and client development.  

Business: Eurotel merger worries providers - Alternative operators nervous it will lead to more services bundling


Dominant fixed-line operator Cesky Telecom's (CT) planned merger with mobile arm Eurotel is expected to create a streamlined, more cost-efficient company, but it could also pose a threat to smaller players on the market, according to industry experts.  

Business: One step behind - Brussels is taking steps to protect EU shoemakers from cheap Asian imports, but Czechs say it's not enough


At first glance, it would appear Petr Kubat, president of the Czech Footwear Association, has every reason in the world to start celebrating.  

Curtis-enpowerment, craving gossip


So I'm wasting way too much time in an Internet cafe. I don't want to know what my bill will be. What else is new, right? But here goes nothing. After an uneventful St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day turned out to be a really fun night! Beth and I relaxed on Friday, so we were up for a party on Saturday. We...  

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